Par 5

17th Hole

17th Hole Hole #17 BACK NINE Par 5 519M Ave Score 5.54 Index: 6 Another good test. This hole doglegs to the left and features an ‘internal’ O/B, all down the left side to the 100m marker. Any ball straying … Read More

8th Hole

8th Hole Hole #8 FRONT NINE Par 5 457M Ave Score 5.54 Index: 8 A great driving hole with a lake just in front of the tee block. Most of the danger is in the trees on the left.

7th Hole

7th Hole Hole #7 front nine Par 5 423 M Avg. Score 5.31 Index: 18 Another good scoring hole but requires an accurate tee shot for a good approach to the green. Trees on both sides come into play for … Read More