Par 4

16th Hole

16th Hole Hole #16 BACK NINE Par 4 358M Ave Score 4.54 Index: 6 A straight Par 4 with O/B all the way down the left and trees to the right. Keep to the centre of the fairway for best … Read More

9th Hole

9th Hole Hole #9 FRONT NINE Par 4 350M Avg. Score 4.82 Index: 4 A generous fairway with trees guarding both sides. A good tee shot will fly the gully and open up a clear approach to the green. You … Read More

5th Hole

5th Hole Hole #5 FRONT NINE Par 4 332 M Avg. Score 4.72 Index: 10 As we leave the Myall Creek holes, the 5th is a more relaxed driving hole with a slight dog-leg left. The main hazards are the … Read More

4th Hole

4th Hole Hole #4 FRONT NINE Par 4 280 M Avg. Score 4.64 Index: 13 A great hole to attack. A strong drive through the narrow chute of trees over Myall Creek, will leave a short pitch to the green, … Read More

2nd Hole

2nd Hole Hole #2 FRONT NINE Par 4 387 M Avg. Score 5.14 Index: 1 A difficult right hand dog-leg with Out of Bounds  and the Myall Creek to the right. With 200M to the turn, big hitters can fly … Read More

1st Hole

1st Hole Hole #1 front nine Par 4 282 M Avg. Score 4.54 Index: 16 A short and straight tree-lined fairway requiring an accurate tee shot. Out of bounds on the right and even behind the green can be costly. … Read More